Cartoon Just for Kids?

Oh, No! I have been told cartoon is for kids from my early age!  But my eyes are refreshed

absolutely the moment I meet Yomtom–an artist at Artsadd. Suffice it to say his artworks is

a brilliant marriage of unique style and special personality. A cute bee full printed in a T-shirt,

or a pink ant in your mug…all those are sure  perfect fits for your taste. More important,

his amazing design fits most!  If you are a cartoon lover,  I dare say you must be extremely excited at my recommendation. Is your heartbeat ready to witness his artist come into your visual world?….

Ok, I would like to satisfy your curiosity by show some of his works from ArtsAdd.887329448EDF3BF7753A427901D12322_500x500 230438769B90D401A38B4A7A3C1E6C94_500x500 9336660EE63D7366ECF16953E4E78927_500x500